The continuous CHIP size reduction allows the development of WIRELESS applications suitable for WEARABLE, MEDICAL, SECURITY, AUTOMOTIVE and HOME AUTOMATION sectors. Applications are only limited by your imagination. We develop and design wireless solutions using GSM, BLUETOOTH and LORA. Contact us today, trust our 34-year activity in electronic products design.

wireless products design
wireless products design


The evolution of GSM (Global System Mobile) systems, that is 2G, has made unthinkable progress since the first introduction in 1991. The 1G solutions (analog TACS) seem now a distant memory. 2G coverage has reached 70% of the worldwide telephone number in over 190 countries. Today we can integrate a 2G single CHIP battery-powered GPRS (General Packet Radio System) system into your equipment. If you have needs beyond GSM capacity, we can support projects in the 3G and 4G segments, especially if you need the transit of substantial data flows. When you need positioning we can adopt GPS (Global Positioning System) chips.


The use of BLUETOOTH technology dramatically reduces the cost of the overall system. It will add many important option to your product reducing at the same time sizes and dimensions. Reducing hardware connections benefits the long term reliability of your product. Contact us today at bernini@bernini-design.ro READ MORE

wireless products design


LoRa (stands for LongĀ Range data communicationi) is a low-power wide-area network solution. It is based on a particular spread spectrum modulation techniques. LoRa is a must when it is about Internet Of Things. At today we can count over 100 milion applications world wide. When you are required to put in communications devices within 10 Km range, Lo-Ra is a cost effective and best solution. READ MORE ABOUT LoRa TECHNOLOGY