Electronic Products Design

We can provide the best Electronic Products Design at reasonable prices. Along with Electronic Design we can provide any Original Design Manufacturing service. Do not waste your time, launch your products on the market quickly! We have our own production facility for printed circuit boards and we can guarantee short delivery times for both samples and mass production. We can efficiently upgrade your products in a short time too. Our goal is to provide you Electronic Manufacturing Services fully according to the international quality standards. Electronic Design provided by Bernini Design are  UNI-EN certified ISO9001. 

Electronic Products Design

Hardware Design & short deliveries time!

The key to our business is our competitiveness. We provide a custom electronic design and electronics manufacturing solution for one off, small run, or even large run electronics items.  Contact us today we will formulate an interesting EMS offer just for you. We make real your ideas for industrial machinery controllers, electronic boards & medical equipment.

Electronic Products Design & Software Development

Software & Firmware Design state of the art!

We develop miscellaneous applications that include TCP-IP protocols, Canbus, Modbus modules for control & monitoring. Our Electronic Product Design does include SCADA and application software able to interface with mobile phones. We develop firmware for micro controllers K0, M306XX and the latest 32 bit microcontrollers RX60X. 

Membrane Keyboards Design

A team of designers is at your disposal. The production of the Membrane Keyboards uses advanced and proprietary process. At the same time, a full operating temperature range of about -30°C a + 70 °C is guaranteed

Mastery in our craft when it is about communication equipment

We specialize in wireless remote monitoring applications. We design devices that interface with TCP-IP communications, GSM and GPRS. We use standard protocols and proprietary protocols.

 In special cases we implement algorithms for encrypting communications to ensure the security of the remote control. Fraudulent may indeed cause considerable damage. We develop applications for Microsoft Certified systems implemented for the latest generation mobile phones. The standard protocol used in all of our projects is the MODBUS-RTU communication via RS485 and MODBUS-OVER-TCP/IP for network communications. As for the internet connectivity we use our own servers with a huge number of MAC addresses. This allocation allows us to develop tens of thousands of electronic modules that can be connected to the global Internet network with an address reserved for us

Bernini Mentore CEO Bernini Design
Bernini Design Philosophy

 The design of an electronic product performed by us is closely related to the final product production process. The concept seems a little bit extravagant, but in essence means that when we design 'something', we take into account all the parameters to ensure: assembly economy, ease of installation, availability of components, economy of mass production and final housing assembly. Our business supports you from the single component to the finished turnkey product. Very important also is the implementation inside the micro controller firmware of all procedures for the diagnosis of the product on-site. We provide a comprehensive design service for companies who understand that world-class products will always have a special place reserved in the worldwide market. The global competition will not wait for our hesitations. The design is not a simple work of implementation. The Design, today, is a mission. We felt in love with our mission. We design electronic equipment since 1984. Thirty years of projects and 500,000 equipment sold to 32 countries. A history of errors and improvements. What the competitors called 'mistakes' we call them opportunities to do better.


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